Grades K-2 Curriculum

The early elementary years are a beginning foundation for ones academic journey.  The goals in the Kinder through 2nd grade classroom are setting children up to have a deep love for learning, be able to problem solve, have interpersonal communication skills with others, be conscientious and sensitive to our planet, and to be able to think for themselves.  Our setting provides a daily rhythm that begins with story and academic experiences in both language arts and mathematics.  The afternoon hours of our day are dedicated to right brain thinking including Art classes, Physical Education, Gardening, Singing/Music/Ukulele, Building/Creating, Play, and Yoga.  Throughout the day, conversational Spanish is used in the classroom to allow the students a solid foundation in a foreign language.

The K-2 Roots curriculum is looped on a three year cycle.  Themes are taught throughout the year in a cross curriculum approach in Unit Studies.  The three year cycle is described below, but not limited to these subjects:

Year One: Egypt, Bones & Our Human Bodies, Space, Insects, Rainforest/Botany, World Geography

Year Two: Dinosaurs, Presidents of the US, Weather, Vikings, Grossology/Science Experiments, World Geography

Year Three: Birds/Ornithology, Arachnids, 50 United States, Geology, Oceanography, World Geography

Every year the children learn and discover how the peoples of this earth celebrate holidays with emphasis on Día del los Muertos, Winter Celebrations, and Hawaiian History.