Grades 3-5 Curriculum

The 3rd – 5th grade classroom builds on foundations established in the K-2 years. The program utilizes previously learned skills and scaffolds into more abstract learning.  Third to fifth graders work to become organized and responsible students, while seeking the answers to questions about the world all around them. Students are encouraged to set goals for themselves and to identify and utilize multiple types of intelligence in developing projects and completing assignments.

Daily Schedule:
Most mornings begin with core mathematics and English/language arts classes, followed by science, history, and social studies in the early afternoons. Students have the opportunity to study material that is of interest to them and to apply their knowledge through a variety of hands-on projects, presentations, service work/study in their community, and special events.

Units of study may include, but are not limited to:
Hawaiian culture and values, geography and mapping, stream and reef ecosystems, weather and climate, forces and motion, simple machines, health and the human body systems, US history and electricity and magnetism, and units are looped in a three-year cycle. Students explore the continuity and change that has led us to today, and we examine challenges and brainstorm for solutions through individual and small group investigation, communication, and discovery.

Afternoons end with extra-curricular activities such as art and physical education, music, drama, Spanish, gardening and more!