Grades 6-8 Curriculum

Our Approach
In addition to preparing students in grades 6-8 for the next step in their academic careers, we are committed to supporting middle school students in the transition from childhood to young adulthood. We believe that the needs of middle school students are best served within/in our small, multi-age class setting.

Topics for our integrated units of study may include, but are not limited to: systems of government, world cultures and history, colonization, U.S./Pacific Island relations, climate change, adaptation, ecology, farming, chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, and marine science.

Daily Schedule
Each day begins with language arts and math workshops, providing students with daily practice of essential skills in these core subjects.

Midday classes are dedicated to thematic units integrating science, history, and social studies. Students explore and apply their knowledge through a variety of hands-on projects, presentations, assignments, quizzes and tests, service work/study in the community, and special events.

Afternoons feature a variety of enrichment classes and instructors. Enrichment class offerings may include: art, physical education, music, gardening, crafts, Japanese, human development, communication, test taking, and more.

Service is another important form of learning. Students in grades 6-8 participate in our year-long “Reading Buddies” program, teaching reading strategies to an elementary student for a half-hour each week. Roots students also perform independent community service on a monthly basis.