About Us

Roots School is a private, progressive school, nestled in Haiku town on Maui, Hawaii.

Since 2006, the Roots School mission has been to provide educational programs allowing children to think independently, and engage collaboratively.

Class sizes are purposefully small to enable our teachers to appreciate and encourage multiple types of intelligence.  Using State and National standards as the foundation; our teachers combine traditional learning with hands-on projects; to strengthen understanding and knowledge of subjects by making connections across disciplines.

Our teachers build dynamic lesson plans that foster excitement and interest, while nurturing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Although some subjects require memorization (like spelling and math) we design curriculums which reflect real-world experiences, keeping students active and engaged through our hands on, project-based approach.

Real Ongoing Opportunities to Soar (ROOTS) is a non-denominational, non-profit 501c3 corporation licensed by the Hawaii Council of Private Schools and the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services, and in the process of becoming accredited by the Hawaii Association of Independent School (HAIS).