Annual Fund

Support our Annual Fund for Enrichment Programs

Roots School is entering its 11th year as a progressive, private school on Maui. During this time, we have kept tuition reasonable for our families, while offering the best education possible. We are proud to say that we’ve always met our operating budget on tuition payments alone.

Building on this foundation, we would like to offer more enrichment programs for our students, including art, music, physical education and Spanish. In addition, we would like to purchase 20 laptops for students to use for research and technology projects. In order to do these things, we need an additional $20,000 for our budget. So at this 11-year mark, we are ready to present an Annual Fund Campaign to our community, focused on Enrichment Programs.

Will you please make a donation? We value your support. Your donation in any amount is welcome and greatly appreciated.

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Oberg, Development Director at 808-757-5915 or

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Gratitude from the Roots community to the following donors for their support:
Sydney and Fritz Schneider
Amanda and Justin Prouty
Me-shell and Mike Mijangos
Melita and Gabe Charan
Julie MacMillan and Mike Neustein
Jennifer Oberg and Craig Mullins
Patricia Boulet and Amit Zohar
Michelle Madeira and Scott Luebke
Joyce Chin and Jeffrey H. Chester, DO
Adam Chester, DO
Christine and Eddie Chin
Helen and Lawrence Foster
Eleykaa Tully
Debbie and Michael Benton
Douglas L. Chester, DDS
David Chin and Cresencia Fong
Bernice and Henry Barnas
Charlie and Mary Hoisington
Todd and Elysia Semmerling
Paul Areus
Roger Bush
Dominique and Massimo Pandolfi